About Us

As a leading Canadian medical technologies distributor, NXT Surgical is proud to deliver healthcare professionals coast to coast with customer-focused surgical solutions.

NXT Surgical is committed to improving the Operating Room environment and we pride ourselves in delivering highly impactful products. Our products are focused on providing cost-effective customer-centered solutions; increasing O.R. efficiency; and improving O.R. safety for patients and medical staff.

NXT Surgical has a presence across the Canadian market, from the Maritimes to British Columbia, covering all major Canadian regional markets. We are a valued-added medical technologies distributor that understands the Canadian market. Our sales force at NXT Surgical has a combined 60 years of experience serving and working with healthcare professionals across Canada. Our sales force relies on their experience and concentrate their efforts on identifying healthcare professionals’ needs and how our manufacturers’ innovation can address those needs to improve our healthcare system. NXT Surgical employees are passionate and proud to lead the way by introducing innovation into the market and we are determined to continually exceed our business partners’ expectations. At NXT Surgical, innovation is our motivation and exceptional customer-service is our commitment.